A National Attorney Search Firm Based In Washington, DC
Over 20 Years of Legal Recruiting Expertise
Attorney Placement consultants
Partners, Counsel, In-House
We appreciate that the canvas of your legal career has many colors. Bringing it all together…
It’s an art
From the abstract to the concrete, let us help you paint your perfect picture.
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Who We Are

Alpert Associates is a national attorney search firm based in Washington, DC.
Our clients include Am Law 100 and 200 firms, specialty boutiques, and companies and corporations, primarily in the Washington, DC metro area. We recruit in most areas of legal specialty and for all levels of practice experience, with a focus on partner level transitions. Our twenty-plus years of recruiting in the industry have provided us deep market knowledge and an extensive network of contacts and relationships in the legal community. We offer the highest of standards concerning confidentiality, honesty and integrity and are focused on the goal of translating your vision into reality.
Let us help you paint your perfect picture!

Our Services

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You may not be familiar with the breadth of opportunities in the market. You are busy and managing a search is time-consuming. We guarantee a lateral exploration process that is thorough, stress-free and information-laden. Helping you navigate every step, from our initial conversation to your first day with a new firm or company is our number one goal.

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We begin by ensuring that we fully understand your platform, culture and vision for broadening your talent base.  We then enthusiastically share this information with the attorneys in which you might have interest.  A full picture of each candidate’s current and historical practice, background, experience and motivation for a change is included in every introduction to you.


Esther is knowledgeable and clearly knows her market. She presented opportunities that I hadn't considered, but never pushed in a direction that I didn't want to go. I felt confident that I was placing my career in the hands of someone who valued my career and understood me.

Real Estate Partner – Am Law 200 Firm

We have worked with Esther for a number of years and she has consistently introduced us to candidates of the highest caliber, several of whom have joined us! She is a pleasure to work with and provides valuable assistance throughout the recruiting process.

Operating Shareholder, Am Law 200 Firm

Recent Placements

A few of our recent successful collaborations that have resulted in lateral placements in Am Law 100 and 200 firms in the Washington, DC market include:

Alcohol Beverages Industry Partner | Corporate Partner | Environmental Partner | Government Contracts Counsel | Government Contracts Team | Healthcare Partner | Intellectual Property Team | International Arbitration Team | International Partner | Investment Management Partner | Labor & Employment Partner | Patent Litigation Partner | Patent Prosecution Partner | Public Policy Partner | Real Estate Partner | White Collar Litigation Partner

Code of Ethics

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry.  As long-time members of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC), we fully subscribe and adhere to the organization’s stringent Code of Ethics.  Your trust and confidence in our level of professionalism is of the utmost importance.